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Clairegoutte Lutheran church

Little is known about the origins of Clairegoutte Church, which may date from the 12th century and is said to be built on the ruins of an ancient, pagan temple.

Clairegoutte Nail Workshop

This typical building is next to a traditional barn. It is square and higher than the barn and close to a now little-used mill stream.

The Fountain Wash House in Belverne

In 1868, Pierre Pourchat, the mayor of the village had this beautiful wash house built by a local architect from Lure called Fixer.

The Forest of Saint Antoine and the Waterfalls of the Rahin valley

The forest of Saint Antoine is on one of the last foothills of the Southern Vosges. Situated between 500 and 1200 metres above sea-level, it is dominated by the Servance and Alsace peaks (or ballons as the French call these rounded mountain tops).

The forest of Chérimont

The forest of Chérimont extends over 686 hectares. It belonged to the Prince of Wurtemburg-Montbéliard and became the property of the State when the Principality of Montbéliard was incorporated into France in 1793.

Frédéric-Fontaine's Town Hall - School - Church

Frédéric-Fontaine is the only village in France to have the town hall, the school, the housing for the primary school teacher and the church in the same main building of textured sandstone.

Planche des Belles Filles summer and winter resort

A small resort situated at 1148 meters above sea-level, the Planche des Belles Filles offers five alpine ski runs and fifty kilometers of tracks marked out for cross-country skiing, with the possibility of going as far as the Ballon of Alsace!

The Franche Comté peaks Nature reserve

The Franche Comté peaks nature reserve covers 2259 hectares and three departments (Vosges, Territoire de Belfort and Haute-Saône). The rounded mountain summits in this area are known as 'ballons' in French.

Alfred Schwartzentrüber's sawmill

Plancher-bas had numerous sawmills during the 20th century. Alfred Schwartzentrüber's sawmill, the biggest one, still exists today.

Champagney Lake

The dam-reservoir at Champagney was built to feed the Canal from Montbéliard to Haûte-Saône. It is the main structure on the canal.

The Carillon in Champagney

The wonderful instrument which almost disappeared is part of the heritage of Champagney.

The Horsetail Cube

In 1989, the village of Ronchamp began the renovation of its centre, in particular its two main squares: the first in front of the Post office and the Church, the second in the Market place.

The port of Frahier and the irrigation canal

The canal is not very well-known to the people of Champagney. These notes taken from topographic accounts and departmental archives will tell you a little more about it.

Saint Marie's Mine Shaft

Boring of Saint Marie's mine shaft began on April 1st 1864, at the foot of Bourlémont hill. 359 meters deep, through sandstone and red clay, this mine shaft produced very little coal.

Altarpiece of the church of Plancher-Bas

The church at Plancher-Bas dates from 1488 and is dedicated to Saint-Pancrace. (known in English as Saint-Pancras).

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