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Vivez les Vosges du Sud !

Farm, Garden

Rock Goat Farm

Rock Goat farm


Address and phone number

Contact : Virginie LOMBARD - Chèvrerie des Roches

Address : 11 Quartier des Roches 70290 to PLANCHER-LES-MINES

E-mail : lvirginie@wanadoo.fr

Work n°: + 00 33 (0)3 84 23 69 29
Mobile n°:  + 00 33 (0)6 50 36 97 94

GPS address : Lon: 6.744388 / Lat: 47.772083

Visit a farm

Here, goats graze freely over 13 hectares of originally neglected hillside. The milk of 40 goats and 2 purebred Vosges cows is made into a wide range of farmhouse cheeses on site. Free-range pigs, a vast henhouse as well as horses, ponies calves and kids are all on view for the pleasure of the children.

Farm produce: farmhouse goat’s cheese (fromage frais, hard and soft cheeses, specialities with cumin, chives, peppers, herbs and garlic, pepper, Italian flavour), and cow’s milk products (fromage frais, matured cheese, pepper, cumin).


Situated 25 km from Belfort and 25 km from Lure. Follow the "cheeses" signs from the entrance of the village. The closest train stations are; Champagney (10 km), Lure and Belfort (25 km)


Rouges Vis Garden

Rouges Vis Garden


Practical information

Type of visits: free Visit, Guided tour

Visits: 01:30

Contact : Mrs and Mr FAIVRE
N° : + 00 33 (0)3 84 27 30 83

Beside the Haute-Saône Canal, in a meander of the capricious Lizaine, this country garden has 1,5 ha of nooks and crannies full of birds and luxurious long-living rustic plants, shrubs, willows and rosebushes. From shade to sunny areas, river to pool, the walk, punctuated with numerous seats, is a good way to enjoy the beauty of the sight and observe local nature. (The ground is often damp, take adequate shoes. Dogs are not allowed)

Type : English-style, Botanical, country style garden
Remarkable elements : The river
Plant elements : shrubs, perennials
Shrubs : mixed hedge, a variety of flowering shrubs, Shadbushes elders, numerous varieties of willows, rosebushes old varieties of rose bushes, numerous climbing roses, Perennials: lungwort, epimedium, comfrey, perennial geranium, hosta, grasses, astilbe, clematis, persicaria and integration of perennial and annual wildflowers (purple loosestrife, Ragged robin, campion, Balfourii impatience for example)


The garden was started from scratch and established over a number of years on an easily flooded meadow around an old farmhouse which is typical of the region. We no longer use any chemicals and haven’t done for several years apart from slug pellets. We prefer other methods, such as encouraging biodiversity, by attracting birds, hover flies and Green Lace-wings.

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