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The Rahin is a category one fishing river, the Rahin and its tributaries are well-known for their landscapes and flora and fauna and their wild populations of trout and grayling which will satisfy the most demanding fishermen. The majority of areas have been included in the reciprocal agreements of the EHGO card (entente halieutique du grand oeust that is the Great West region halieutic agreement). Fishing licences of all categories are on sale at the Tourist Offices.

See the fishing areas by village: Champagney, Clairegoutte, in Plancher-Bas, Plancher-les-Mines and Ronchamp.

You can also go fishing in the local lakes. There are 2 categories of lakes, those managed by the local A.P.P.M.A., and those with private owners.
Lakes managed by the A.P.P.M.A. :

  • Champagney Lake (107 ha) - 2nd category regulations
  • Passavant Lake (4 ha) - 2nd category regulations
  • Passavant Lake n°2 - (1 ha) 2nd category regulations
  • The canal lock (95 ares) - 2nd category regulations

The Carpe-Franc-comtois gravel pit in Champagney :
This stretch of water is situated between Ronchamp and Champagney, on the right-hand side when you come from Ronchamp.
Information : + 00 33 (0)3 84 63 55 81

The Ballastières in Champagney (The old ballast quarries) :
You can get information and buy a short-term holiday fishing permit for the number of days or nights required from the local campsite.
Information : + 00 33 (0)3 84 23 11 22

If you are interested in the other fishing areas or a fishing guide, follow this link: www.federationpeche.fr

The fishing permit :

  • Adult inter federation permit - 90€
  • Adult federation permit - 75€
  • Woman’s taster permit - 30€
  • Teenagers taster card (12 - 18 years) - 20€
  • Holiday permit - 7j / non A.P.P.M.A. members - 30€
  • Holiday permit - 7j /  A.P.P.M.A. members - 18€
  • Day permit - 15€
  • Under 12s taster card - 5€

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