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Ronchamp Tourisme
Vivez les Vosges du Sud !

Our products

The Rahin & Chérimont tourist office has a gift shop where you will find souvenirs, postcards, books... This page shows you the different products you will find if you come and visit us.



          Badges Le Corbusier

[NEW] 100% cotton
Tote bag - 8€

Its design was created by the

Rahin & Chérimont
the tourist office.
It represents the 3 major
sites of our area.  Limited edition.


"Ronchamp" - 2€
Designed by the Hill
Notre-Dame du Haut

Badges Le Corbusier 8€

These badges refer to Le Corbusier and his famous Chapel Notre Dame du Haut

Design by Ronchamp Tourisme

5 badges for 8€ (one badge for free)

Pink color out of stock 


Badges Douce France

Badges Douce France 3€

Badges Douce France

Unit price: 1,20€. Get 3 for 3€






Postcards edited
by the Hill Notre-Dame
du Haut - 1,50€

Postcards edited
by the Hill Notre-Dame
du Haut - 0,80€

Postcards edited by
La Teranga - 0,50€


Postcards of pictures
by René Claudel - 0,80€


We offer a range of books at different prices and according to you interests. Consider it for yourself, but also to make presents! All our books are in French.



[French] Coal Mining in Ronchamp - 2€
3 hiking trails with detailed explanations about the history of Ronchamp and its mining past.

[French] The mines of the Laurier - 2€
A hiking trail to discover Plancher-les-Mines and the exploitation of silver mines back in the 15th century.

Lumières des Mille Etangs 2 - 28€
Collection of pictures by René Claudel. His commented pictures will let you discover our territory from a different view.



Moi j'parle le comtois !...
pas toi ? 12€
The essential book to speak comtois, or understand it! The 100% franc-comtoise illustrator Sophie Lambda gives life to these local expressions through her funny illustrations.



La Haute-Saône,
guide de découverte
PROMO : 15€ instead of 27€
A very complete guide to (re)discover the Haute-Saône department through its main cities, villages and must-see sites. It is illustrated by the photographer, Marc Paygnard.

Lumières des Mille Etangs - 28€ 
Collection of pictures by René Claudel. From the Mont de Vannes to the Saint Antoine forest, the Vosges Saônoises as you never saw them!







Guide secret de
Franche-Comté - 13,50€
This guide is about the legends of our region, the famous characters, the singular places… Another way to discover the Franche-Comté region.

Un massif forestier et
son histoire : la forêt
de Saint-Antoine - 10€

This book is the result of a long research work on the Saint-Antoine forest, its history, its huge biodiversity, its mutations…

Il était une fois... la route
de l'eau, la Vallée
du Rahin - 28€

Stories, pictures, poems… The Vallée du Rahin is highlighted in this book.



Ronchamp, chronique d'une enfance
dans la rue du Tram et
visite guidée de la
belle époque - 20€

Between the stories of this miner’s son telling his childhood and postcards from that time, this book lets you travel in the ancient Ronchamp.

Maurice Deloraine, un
vainqueur méconnu - 6€
This book is about the life of this telecommunication inventor, whose family originated from Clairegoutte. He was also mayor of the village.







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