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Ronchamp Tourisme - Vivez les Vosges du Sud

Southern Vosges

Vosges du Sud's Destination!

Inside a wild land still, the "Plateau des Milles Etangs", covered of deep forest and peaceful water, invites to wonderful trip : A real timless world almost mythic. 

Just above the little city of Ronchamp, The Corbusier, moved by the place's beauty and charm, has built "Hill Notre Dame du Haut" one of his 17 architectural sites, now registered as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Further north, "La Planche des Belles Filles", mythic arrival of "Le Tour de France", challenges all steep slopes lovers.
All aroud, the woods, countryside and first "Vosges" foothill, put all riders, cyclists and mountain bikers to the test.

The hikers can go aroud the trails of "Chemins de St Colomban", builder of the Luxovien abbey, which european journey, from Ireland to Italia, is full of monastic buildings. 

"Luxeuil-les-Bains", remarquable thermal city with amazing patrimony, sharpens the sens, proposing health stay or even baroque creations of Memory and Music inside the Basilic. Near by, as soon as spring is coming, walking barefoot on the english path "La Cude", admiring the cherry blossoms...and following until the "Fougerolles" fine distillery who transforms cherries into Kirsh or Griottines. 

A little further west, the Glassware and Crystallery of "La Rochère" gathered delicate knowledges. On the other hand, the "Mont-Vaudois" Fort, near Blefort city, spred is great architecture.

Waterbodies of Lure and Champagney called upon water pleasures and games. In river, lakes or ponds, fishing is a passion. In Belfort, the majestic lion by Bartholdi (22M Long and 11M High) is watching over the residents since 1880. 

In "Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Grand Est", you'll find the famous "Ballon d'Alsace", highest point of the Southern Vosges (1247M), offers a 360° breathtaking viewpoint. 

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Ronchamp Tourisme
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