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Ronchamp Tourisme - Vivez les Vosges du Sud

Natural areas

Ballons Comtois nature reserve

The Ballons Comtois nature reserve covers 2259 hectares and 3 departments (Vosges, Territoire de Belfort and Haute-Saône). The rounded mountain summits in this area are known as 'ballons' in French.

The Chérimont forest

The Chérimont forest covers 686 hectares. It belonged to the Prince of Wurtemburg-Montbéliard and became the property of the State when the Principality of Montbéliard was incorporated into France in 1793.

The Saint-Antoine Forest and its waterfalls

The Saint-Antoine Forest is situated between 500 and 1200 metres above sea-level, it is dominated by the Servance and Alsace mountain (or ballons as the French call these rounded mountain).

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