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Ronchamp Tourisme - Vivez les Vosges du Sud



Marcel Maulini's Mining Museum

For 200 years, coal mining has modified the landscape and the history of the Ronchamp area. The museum helps visitors to understand the organisation, tools and the social realities of those bygone days. A walking trail is dedicated to the mine, the "Cités ouvrières" (company town) trail. It will leads you on the history of Ronchamp, you will discover a memorial, mining gallery entrances, old company towns...

House of Negritude and Human Rights

Despite being far away from Africa and the Americas, with as sole image of a black man the picture of one of the Three Kings in the local church, on the 19th of March 1789 the 2000 inhabitants of Champagney decided to ask for the abolition of slavery. They petitioned King Louis the 16th through the Register of Grievances. The House helps you to understand the past, present and future of this struggle. It is one of the 5 sites on the Abolition Trail (see website below).


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